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Saka Led Road Lighting Fixtures
Saka Led Road Lighting Fixtures 8 Modules
Saka Led Road Lighting Fixtures 6 Modules
Saka Led Road Lighting Fixtures 4 Modules
Saka Led Road Lighting Fixtures 2 Modules
Anka Led Floodlights
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In modern societies, light has become one of the most basic needs for qualified and safe living. Light control has been very important in terms of energy effciency in addition to qualified and safe lighting. Creation of lighting quality magnitudes as indicated in the standards in one way or street lighting problems may be able only with being followed seriously optical calculations and design, machinery, mold and production processes. Nevertheless, creation of a perfect lighting may be possible only in today's circumstances. Even this case requires strict rules that must be followed in design, manufacturing and application steps. Optik Aydınlatma established in the direction of manufacturing and applications of roadway and street lighting luminaires on April of 2011 in Ankara. Keywords of Optik Aydınlatma are R&D and quality. Our goal is to realize research and development activities on roadway lighting technics in the direction of standards which are published by national and international lighting institutions, to offer alternative solutions for customers by developing mechanical, optical and electrical-electronic components of lighting luminaires with new approaches and designs, to manufacture high-performing, efficient, safe and advanced technological products and in this regard to be a leading company in its industry.



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